Project controls management course at PwC Italia

I have the pleasure of communicating that we held this event in Milan in November 2023 il second course of the program training on project control management for PwC.

partecipanti al 2° corso di project planning tenutosi nella sede PwC di Milano
The professionals of the group Capital Projects & Economics di PwC che hanno partecipato al corso di project planning presso la sede PwC di Milano

The project control management training program was specifically designed for the Capital Project group & Economics by PwC and consists of three courses:

      • Introduction to project controls

      • Project planning e scheduling

      • Project cost management

    Il first course introduce al project controls chiarendo gli obiettivi, the most advanced process and methodologies of a modern project control system. The course focuses on the contents of a project plan aimed at tackling even the most complex projects.

    Il second course permette di apprendere gli strumenti basilari di programmazione dei progetti, illustrating the CPM method (critical path method) to plan complex projects, resource planning integrated with time planning using the potential of CPM, the methodologies for measuring physical progress and the most effective graphic representation techniques for communicating the status of a project. In the end, Some examples of engineering and construction project programs developed with the above techniques using professional software are presented (Spring P6).

    Il third course di project cost management affronta il processo di cost estimating, pricing e budgeting. Inoltre il corso introduce alle metodologie e tecniche earned value management che rappresentano l’approccio piò sofisticato per la gestione integrata tempi-costi-performance. The course allows you to acquire a clear understanding of the methodologies and parameters to be used in the entire project cost management process.

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