Today project management is used in various industries as projects have become an essential part of every business; however, project management needs are different: a pharmaceutical company that has to build a new plant has different needs from a small soft house that has to carry out many small projects. Similarly, the needs of companies that sell complex services are different from companies that build infrastructure works or industrial plants. On the other hand, projects have become more demanding due to the changing needs of the client who impose stringent deadlines and more sophisticated project management requirements. A final consideration concerns the business processes that must integrate project management methodologies and practices: to be successful, project management must be used by the company on all projects and become a "corporate project management system".

In this scenario, a project advisor can help the company in many activities: from methodological consultancy to support on specific projects, up to the training and mentoring of corporate resources involved in project teams. In particular, a project advisor can bring value to the company precisely with mentoring, supporting junior project managers and project teams in applying effective project management methodologies.

The solutions I offer concern three directions: corporate project management system, project planning and control support, training.

  Company Project Management system: the goal is the introduction and improvement of Project Management methodologies by finding the right solutions in accordance with the strategic vision of the company and its business needs. The project management system must be institutionalized in the company and this implies a clear strategic choice, supported by the company management, followed by the design of the system in terms of organization, processes and tools.

  Planning, project planning and control (project control) in the entire life cycle: the goal is to improve the profitability of projects, the reduction of the risks of time and cost overruns, better contractual management and the possibility of enhancing the lessons learned. This is achieved by investing in the quality and effectiveness of the Project Plan which constitutes the tool for successfully launching and managing each project and through greater integration between project controls and contract management activities. 

Contract management: support is dedicated to managing delays, recovery plans, acceleration plans and claims related to requests for time extensions (EOT extension of time) and related project extension costs.

In the context of international contracts, the problems indicated require the use of specific techniques for the analysis and evaluation of delays (schedule delay analysis). More in particular, in the event of disputes (claim) related to the evaluation of temporal extensions (EOT) and related project extension costs (prolongation costs) appropriate techniques are used forensic planning as the retrospective windows analysis or the TIA (time impact analysis).

Contact me to present a business case: I have experience in FIDIC and NAVFAC.

  Corporate training and mentoring: the goal is to provide people who work in project teams with a basic and advanced training course on general and specialist project management/control topics, also through mentoring which allows the transfer of applicable knowledge in the corporate context. I have developed complete training courses on project management for all those who want to grow in their business by acquiring mastery of project management methodologies and techniques.


my strong point it is based on the combination of professional experience gained on complex projects and knowledge of project management best practices: the methodological framework that inspires me is the TCM (total cost management) of AACE International where I am certified by 2003.

The methods for providing the services are agreed with the company, also on the basis of the intervention: from occasional interventions dedicated, for example, to carrying out a project risk analysis or to supporting the team in the development of the project plan, up to taking on long-term positions in the PMO or as project manager.

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