I am a freelance engineer and have been working as a consultant since 1991; I am certified in cost engineering in USA (AACE) dal 2003 and I have over thirty years of project management experience on projects national and international (UK, Qatar, Egypt, Türkiye). Hor worked for leading construction groups, engineering and business consultancy companies and project management consultancy companies that support clients in the implementation of infrastructure investment projects. Nella mia attività professionale ho ricoperto molteplici ruoli: come project management advisor, client side project manager, project controls manager, quality manager e claim expert, working on railway projects, road, subways, real estate development, hospitals, large shopping centres, museums, school building, with some experiences also in the oil-gas and power sector. I started my professional career like many other engineers, abroad to build highways, but soon my interest in the management aspects of the orders prompted me to deepen project management and so I decided to specialize in this field and start my activity as a consultant.


The many US government projects in Italy over the years 2000 they gave me the opportunity to learn about advanced contractual architectures (NAVFAC) with very sophisticated project management requirements and practically unknown on the Italian market at that time. To meet these needs, I founded in 2002 it's direct, until the 2012, the society Casinelli Associates – project management consultants, a small consultancy boutique dedicated to project management which has offered consultancy and services to leading national and international construction companies, certainly innovative at the time, such as those of analysis of delays (schedule delay analysis) to support contract management and the application of EV techniques (earned value) management. These experiences also led me to three publications, one of which was presented at the annual conference of the cost engineering association AACE, in USA in 2007 in New Orleans which concerned guidelines for mitigating the delays observed on projects in Italy.

Subsequently, dal 2007 to date, my professional experiences have evolved towards PMC activities (project management consultancy) oh you PMO (program management office) dedicated to customer support. I worked as a project management advisor on the Autostrade per l'Italia project management system, on the CityLife project in Milan and on the Quadrilatero infrastructure development programme. In addition to these projects I have undertaken assignments with international companies such as Egis Rail and Hill International on PMC and PMO projects in support of the client, respectively on the project of the new Doha metro in Qatar and the new Egyptian museum in Cairo (Grand Egyptian Museum).


My project advisor activity is dedicated to the design and development of the corporate project management system and to training on project and management methodologies and techniques. Support, Furthermore, importanti società nel project control, nella gestione contrattuale ed in quella della Qualità delle loro commesse più più impegnative.

As shows the curriculum, my experience has been consolidated by working on relevant projects (more than one billion euros), both on behalf of the client, and for that of the contractor; this allowed me to acquire a deep knowledge of the organizational context and project management processes that need to be governed in "large" projects and to develop skills on project management best practices and extensive project control experience for mega-projects. These skills allow me to take on highly professional assignments to ensure the realization of complex projects by achieving objectives, timing, quality and cost of the project. I also carry out training activities and in the past I was a lecturer at Luiss on the masters and project management courses offered by the business school, carrying out modules dedicated to international contract management and to the forms of project delivery used in public investment projects (public procurement) and private individuals in the construction and engineering sector. I have developed comprehensive project management courses, based on real experiences, which I offer in different ways to all those who are interested in acquiring or improving their project management skills, essential to grow in any business sector.