Integrated Project Control System based on EVM methodology: a case history for Quadrilatero programme, Italy.

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Project management system for large infrastructure projects based on the integration of project controls.

The paper describes the basis of a project management system designed to enhance project management capabilities of the project’s Owner

I wish to share this paper I published on PM World Journal:

Casinelli, M. (2020). Integrated Project Control System based on EVM methodology: a case history for Quadrilatero programme, Italy; PM World Journal, Vol. IX, Issue IX, September. Available online at


The paper describes the implementation of an integrated project control system on behalf of a public Owner in Italy, committed to the project management of a capital investment of two Billions (circa) of Euros regarding an infrastructure programme. The author leaded, as a project manager, the multidisciplinary consulting group on behalf of the JV which had awarded the consulting project named “Project Management System for Quadrilatero (PMS)”.

The project controls system (PCS) described in this paper is a core part of the project management system (PMS) designed to support Quadrilatero, a public scope company acting as an owner of highways major scheme in Italy started in 2006. The author of this paper was the project manager of the project management consultancy group; he also designed CAPITOLO, the software package used for the implementation of the project controls system, based on EVM methodology.

What is a project management system (PMS)?

A project management system allows to integrate organizations, work processes, methods and techniques in a way to enhance the capacity of a company to manage its projects. Best practices, tools and bodies of knowledge – taken alone- are not enough to guarantee an effective project management system, tailored to the specific project. This is particularly true for large infrastructures project which need tailored system on the specific context.

PMS vs project controls

Managing schedule, costs, funding constrains, compliance with complex technical and regulations frameworks, a vast array of Stakeholders, some of which, with a great capacity to impact the project, combined with environmental risks and political issues, are all typical risk elements of a public infrastructure project.

In this context described, a project management system (PMS) plays a fundamental role to support the project Owner on managing its investment. The presentation is focused on the elements of a PMS and, particularly, on the integration of project controls, obtained through EVM, which were implemented with a specific software named CAPITOLO.

The paper has been presented at Project Controls Expo Virtual on November 2020. Contact me for the link to the registration of the presentation.

Massimoluigi Casinelli

I am a chartered civil engineer and certified CCP (cost engineering and total cost management) at AACE International, with thirty years of experience in project management of the construction sector. I deliver expert planning, programme management and project controls on multibillions-Euro infrastructure programmes, including highways and railways, metro, air terminals and complex buildings (commercial, residential, schools), with some experience in oil & gas and power. I worked in advanced contexts of project management (from matrix organizations of EPC contractors to large employers organized to manage complex capital projects), by undertaking various roles in the field of project management / controls and contract management; this diverse range of experiences allowed me to gain knowledge on the various components of project controls (schedule, cost estimating, budgeting and cost control, progress and performance measurement, risk and claim management). I am an Italian citizen, currently in Italy.

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